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Airline Solutions & services

APG Services

105 Members and Service Providers - covering 163 countries - servicing 240 airlines around the World.

With over 1000 experts worldwide, dedicated to the Airline service, APG Global Associates is "The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services".
In 2011, with 91 Country and IBCS Members and 13 Allied and Service Partners, APG Network offers professional services in over 160 countries.


Ground Handling

We arrange full ground handling services and crew/pax assistance using our contracted rates at a reasonable cost and credit facilities. Our representatives meet the crew on arrival and accompany them more.

Over flying & Landing

Permissions, diplomatic clearance and traffic rights can be obtained for any fixed wing aircraft (including microlights) and helicopters. Whether you are a private pilot or operating corporate, relief, cargo/passenger charter or ferry operations, Over fly will make it easy for you.
Over flight's services are provided to you at a highly competitive price - please contact us for our charges.
Over flying operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Whether time is essential or you are planning well-ahead, our expertise will make sure that flight clearances are something that you don’t have to worry about.
It can take some time to get a permit for some countries, so please contact us today to make sure you avoid any delays. Our experts will be able to advise you immediately.


Having fuelling contracts with government suppliers in the airports and major fuel providers.
We can offer jet fuel supplies on an into-plane basis on credit base , Fuel is the veritable lifeblood of the entire aviation industry. Given this fact, our fuel department works meticulously around the clock, whether it is for a single plane or an entire fleet, we guarantee to supply you with fuel not only immediately and efficiently, but also with competitive prices worldwide.


We can arrange your Landing permission quickly, eliminating the long hour delay to your operations on the ground. We can also arrange traffic rights for passenger and Cargo flight.
We maintain close links with Civil Aviation Authorities and have built up relationships giving it the ability to obtain permits quickly.


Reservation and Ticketing

The reservation and ticketing department is established at our present offices which are located at Sana’a, Republic of Yemen. All staffs are fully trained to IATA airline standards and fully conversant with fares and ticketing procedures. The staffing levels are proposed as necessary in order to fulfill effective sales and marketing base for the represented airlines growth of sales originating in the respected markets. We provide dedicated telephone lines and staff to answer and act on the airline’s own identity.



Charter Flights

A Higher level of Charter service is always expected when you deal with us because of our extensive network of global service partners, all focused on fulfilling your chartering needs.
We make the process of chartering as easy as possible. Our air charter experts are available for you and are dedicated to finding you the perfect air charter solution.


Airport Solts

Busy airports require a slot, be it for the use of runways or for parking. We will obtain a slot from the appropriate authority and notify you of time granted. Slot time and any restrictions will be delivered for your attention immediately as received. We would assist in obtaining arrival and departure slots in an IATA controlled airport if your operations required.

Other services




• Ramp handling
• PAX Handling
• Customs & Immigration
• Cargo and baggage services
• Catering
• Crew Visa Arrangements
• Security Arrangements
• FPL Filing
• Provision of transport for crew and passengers
• Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers
• Limousine Service
• Wheelchair services

• Catering

• Crew Transportation