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Al-Bahri companies group, aviation services wing is also extended to support in marketing maintenance capability to airlines and other MRO's. In this field, it had already gained to market few major European airlines MRO and others to market their maintenance capability and services; enhance to have more in its hand to cover all requirements aircraft maintenance in all levels of services, component repair, overhaul, test equipments repair, calibration, hydrostatic test and etc, in this aspect.

It had qualified staff who are handling needed components, instruments, equipments, tools overhaul, repair, calibrations and hydrostatics test for customers in their behalf as the group had various arrangements and agreements with repair facilities that helps to get a better price in man hour rates, or flat rates and an improved TAT (Turn Around Time) for materials to returned on time faster than expected.



We are a marketing agent to some of European airline and MRO's to market their capability for aircraft maintenance from daily services to major aircraft overhaul that includes aircraft stripping ,painting and Landing gear overhaul, repair, APU and Engines repair , overhaul at competitive price and benefit from immediate slot access and an improved TAT .


we have a special arrangement in partnership with some airlines and MROs and handle components repair and overhaul at reasonable cost and improved TAT .


We had same type of arrangement with Capable airlines and MRO to perform Tools and Test Equipments to perform calibration as well as hydrostatic tests to handle and provide a wide range of services to our customers.


We have an agreement reached with Airlines in cooperation with our partners to extend our hand to serve in providing components pooling or exchange program to cater needs as required.